Article Publication Charges

All publications in BioDiscovery are open access and free of charge for the scientific community. Under the open access publishing model, costs are covered primarily by article publication charges. These costs cover peer review, copy-editing, typesetting, production and dissemination of the journal content to indexing databases and archiving in open-repositories. BioDiscovery is committed to carry out a cost effective publication process and our publication charges are very competitive. In addition, we have lower charges for publication types with simpler production such as Letter to Editor, Commentaries, Hypothesis and Case Reports.

The publication charges for Research Articles, Reviews and Short Communications are £800.

The publication charges for Letters to Editor, Commentaries, Hypothesis and Case Reports are £400.

The publication charges are payable by the authors. Charges are only made if an article is accepted for publication (there is no charge for submission). Many funding bodies and institutions make funds available to authors specifically for the payment of article publication charges. In many other cases, funders allow authors to include article publication charges in their grant applications, or to use general grant funds to cover publication costs.

Requests for discounts will be considered when authors do not have the available funds.