Husband And Wife Hit The toto sgp Jackpot!

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In an impressive and probably unprecedented stroke of luck a husband and wife have won the progressive bingo jackpot at BINGOGALA™ within one week of each other.


Due to BINGOGALA™s continual summer promotions the progressive jackpot has been astonishingly high for a long time, but lightning struck twice in one household this week, with SuckItUpPrincess winning $11,583.32 on August 22nd and his wife CrazyChk winning $9,585.27 on August 26th.


Harry Christodoulou, Marketing Executive commented “We are extremely pleased for the couple and it’s wonderful that such an impressive feat happened right here at toto sgp ™. We wish the couple the best for the future”.


The couple was actually on vacation when CrazyChk won her jackpot “I was shocked! I was not even watching; we were at our summer trailer and I had just returned home with friends from a day out. My girlfriend, who also plays, Cybernic, was watching my laptop on the deck and started screaming YOU WON YOU WON.”


She continued by adding “My husband and I have been playing at BINGOGALA™ for over 5 years. We play pretty much daily. He won his first jackpot last week, so this has been one wild August for us! I never expected to win but I have enjoyed it very much! I hope every roomie hits one!”


As far as her winnings are concerned: “I have bought a few things for the house and a great wooden swing for our trailer I have wanted all year. I paid off some bills and shared some of my winnings with my friends. I also made a nice donation to our team who walks on October 1st to help find a cure for breast cancer in Canada.”


She concluded our interview by saying: “Its great to win a jackpot and it always seems to happen when you least expect it! I love BINGOGALA™; it was the first site I found online. Thank you BINGOGALA™ and thank you Fred! ″


British Bingo Association Calls For £10 Million Tax Rebate


Britain’s Bingo Association is poised to demand a £10 million tax-rebate from Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to balance the effect of the smoking ban in Scotland.


Sir Peter Fry, the organization’s chairman, plans to meet politicians and media to start the campaign, which is asking the chancellor to pay back £10 million in Value Added Tax to ‘compensate for a 20 per cent drop in revenue’ caused by the ban. The association went on to call the present situation in Scotland ‘frustrating’, due to the country having the independence to initiate a ban, but not to allow the tax breaks.


“The ban has had a far greater impact on the industry than had been anticipated,” according to a Bingo Association spokesperson. “This situation has been created by government legislation rather than market forces.”


The Bingo Association is also planning on bringing the campaign to England and Wales when the smoking ban is introduced next year, and ask for an estimated £100 million of VAT.


£65,000 Backing For Great Poker Idea


A British businessman certainly played the right hand appearing on a British television network program “Dragons’ Den” – he won £65,000 backing to help start a national pub poker league.


Pitted against each other, the show sees entrepreneurs voice their ideas in an effort to secure investment finance from the show’s “dragons” – a team of elite business entrepreneurs.


On Thursday night’s show, Steve Bellis tried to persuade the panel of tycoons to invest £50,000 in his venture.


However the ‘dragons’ were so impressed they offered him an unprecedented extra £15,000.

Mr Bellis stated: “I was totally unprepared, but it certainly paid off. With hindsight, I think I should have asked for more.”


Mr Bellis gave up his own business in the chemical industry to try his hand at setting up the poker league.


Giving up his own business in the chemical industry Steve started the Nuts Poker League in Wrexham, Wales, in November 2005, having seen the idea work in Canada while visiting his father.


Now being extended across the UK, including Manchester and London, and having been asked to start a similar system in France the idea has really taken off.


He said: “It’s really taken off. More than 50 pubs, sports clubs and even a restaurant have signed up and we’ve got 2,500 players registered.


“I just dipped my foot in the water, but now I’m right up to my neck in it.”

Currently it is still illegal for entrants to gamble for money, but those with the highest points tally have the opportunity to participate for prizes in regional finals.


Entrance fees for the final are donated to the Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham.

A spokesman for the television network said it was the first time a competitor had walked off with more money than they asked for.


Mr Bellis plans to use the money to increase the league and acquire up to 100 self-employed agents to help run it.


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