Getting Started

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Welcome to Full Tilt Poker. To help provide you with the best possible online poker experience, we’ve created many unique features for your enjoyment. In order to familiarize yourself with Full Tilt Poker, we suggest you keep this page open alongside the game software.


Take our tour for a short, interactive guide to the Full Tilt Poker software.


When you are ready to get started, follow the steps below to open your new Full Tilt Poker account:


Download the toto hk

Download the latest Full Tilt Poker software and follow the step-by-step guide to install it on your computer. Our software will automatically update whenever you run it, ensuring you always have the latest version of the world’s best online poker room.


Create an Account

Once installed, launch the Full Tilt Poker software and you’ll be taken to the login screen. To open your Full Tilt Poker account, click the Create New Account button and we’ll guide you through the sign-up process.


Login Screen


Deposit Funds

Full Tilt Poker offers a variety of safe, secure, and easy methods for depositing money into your account.


Deposit at any time by selecting the red Cashier button in the Full Tilt Poker lobby and clicking Make a Deposit.


All your payment options will be displayed and further details can be found on our Payment Processing page. Watch our Deposit Tutorial for our guide on how to make a real-money deposit at Full Tilt Poker.


The Lobby

After logging in to Full Tilt Poker, you’ll be taken to the Lobby, where you can access all the games that we offer. Our software has three different Lobby Views, which can be changed at any time by selecting Options from the top navigation and then Lobby View.


We offer four different types of poker games at Full Tilt Poker:


Ring Games – Tables where players can enter and leave when they wish

Sit & Gos – Tournaments that start when the required number of players have registered

Tournaments – Multi-table Tournaments that begin at a scheduled time

Rush Poker* – The world’s fastest poker game where players are moved to a new table for each new hand

For Ring Games, find the table you wish to join; select a vacant seat and choose your buy-in amount.


For Sit & Gos and Tournaments, choose the event you wish to play, open the tournament lobby and click Register Now to enter.


For Rush Poker*, select the game you want to play and enter using the Join Now button.


Find out more about the Full Tilt Poker lobby by visiting Our Software page.




The Table

Having joined the game of your choice, the next step is to take your seat at one of our tables and play some poker.


At the start of each hand you’ll be dealt your cards. When it is your turn to act, blue buttons will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen with all the betting choices available to you.


You can modify the table settings to your preferences at any time by clicking Options located to the top right of the table. Configure the table layout, the appearance of the cards, your avatar, the sounds and animation, plus lots, lots more.


Learn more about how to play at Full Tilt Poker by watching a Practice Hand.


For more information on all aspects of the Full Tilt Poker tables visit the Table section of Our Software guide.



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