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Action:  This references betting activity.


All In:  The act of betting all of the money that ye have on the table on a single hand.


Ante:  A small wager that a player may be required to place prior to the hand being dealt.


Bad Beat:  When a player has the strongest initial hand but an opponent draws to a better hand to defeat him.


Bankroll: All available funds used in the current game.


Bet:  The act of making a wager or putting money into the pot while following the rules of the game.


Big Blind:  A type of ante used when playing Texas hold ’em poker. This is the larger of the two required ante bets.


Bluff:  The act of making bets or raises in order to mislead yer opponents into believing that ye have a better hand than them, which in turn, will make them fold their hand and allow ye to take the money in the pot.


Buy-In:  The amount of money it costs to purchase chips in order to join a game.


Call:  To put a minimum bet into a pot in order to stay active in a hand. To match the previous players bet.


Check:  The act of passing on the opportunity to raise or bet, yet still stay active in the hand.


Community Cards:  These are cards that are face up and available to be used by all players in making their hands.


Draw:  The act of receiving cards. Often this requires ye to discard the same amount of cards prior to receiving them.


Face Card:  A King, Queen or Jack.


Flop:  When Playing Texas Hold ’em at these are the first 3 community cards dealt. They are dealt at the same time.


Flush:  A poker hand that consists of 5 cards all of the same suit.


Fold:  The act of discarding yer cards and declining to stay in a hand and/or make more bets.


Full House:  A poker hand that includes a pair and 3 of a kind in the same hand.


Hole Cards:  These are the face down cards that are dealt to each individual player and can only be used and viewed by this player.


Limit Poker:  This is a rule when playing poker that keeps the betting at a set amount and/ or limit.


Muck:  The act of keeping yer cards face down so as not to show anyone what hand ye were playing.


No Limit:  In this type of game there is no limit on how much a person can bet so long as they have the money at the table.


Offsuit:  Two or more cards that are of different suits.


Pair:  Two cards of the same rank.


Pot:  The total amount of money that has been already bet and can be won on a given hand.


Pot Limit:  A rule that determines the maximum bet allowed based on the size of the pot fer that particular hand.


Raise:  To put more than the minimum bet in the pot, thus forcing other players to do the same or fold their hand.


River:  This is the final community card that is dealt while playing Texas Hold ’em or Stud Poker.


Royal Flush:  This is the highest possible hand in regular poker. It is an Ace high, straight flush.


Small Blind:  In Texas Hold ’em Poker this is the smaller of the two required Ante bets.


Suit:  Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades make up the 4 suits in a standard deck of cards.


Suited:  Two or more cards in a players hand that are of the same suit.


Three of a Kind:  Three cards in a hand that all have the same rank.


Turn:  The fourth community card dealt when playing Texas Hold ’em Poker. This is after the Flop and before the River.





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