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Portal owners confirm fraudster used their name

An alert webmistress has sounded the alarm on a fraudster, and Yahoo! UK & Ireland has admitted that some of its customers have been targeted in a basic scam.

The Internet giant has taken almost two weeks to respond to allegations of a scam designed to con its users out of £199.

The allegations surfaced last month in a newsletter posted by US-based search engine consultant Jill Whalen of HighRankings.Com who received an email which “appeared to be from Yahoo! UK” asking for £199 to have annual Yahoo! listing reviews renewed.

Snag is, Yahoo! UK has no annual review fee!

When she contacted Yahoo! UK she was told the company was looking into the matter. After almost a fortnight of calls not being returned, of apologies and promises that someone would be in contact, Yahoo! UK has responded with a statement.

The company says that Yahoo Express clients were sent a fraudulent email from persons unknown that illegally tried to extort payment for Slot Gacor remaining in the directory when no such charge was due. Yahoo Express charges a one-time-only fee for submission, and there is no re-up required.

Law enforcement agencies have been called in to investigate the fraud, and Yahoo requests that persons in receipt of the scam email send it in to them at, preferably without responding.


Casino group has German players in mind

AngelCiti Entertainment’s wholly owned subsidiary Worldwide Management has signed up an agreement to provide gambling software to and will additionally provide affiliate marketing support to help drive traffic and customers to that site.

Following its recent merger with iChance, which had a Futurebet license it is not known whether RTG powered Angelciti will be supplying Futurebet or RTG software.

“This is part of our continuing effort to expand internationally,” remarked AngelCiti president George Gutierez,” and provides a true complement for growth with our English and Spanish language site customers. We are also aggressively pursuing the Asian markets and anticipate having a French language site customer within the next 60 to 90 days.”

Worldwide Management claims that it provides gaming software to over a dozen websites and in just 8 months of operations in 2002 grew to a net handle of approximately $26 million.

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14 February 2003

It’s interfering with the free movement of goods…!

The international uproar last year caused by the Greek government’s excessive legislative attempts to ban electronic gaming has continued into 2003 it appears.

Wired News reports that the Greek government is standing by its controversial law banning electronic games in public, which Greek judges consider unconstitutional. But the European Union has warned Greece: Drop it or get hauled into court for hampering the free movement of goods. Designed to stop illegal gambling, the law casts its net too wide, the EU says, ensnaring innocent Internet café owners and computer game companies.

Greece ignored its first caution, an official letter sent in October. The EU will try to press its point again later this month.

“Parliament took this decision spontaneously, and under unbearable pressure to wipe out the ‘cancer’ of gambling,” said Panos Livitsanos, a technology journalist. “As a result they voted one of the most excessive, unprepared and extreme laws ever enacted in Europe.”

“The government stubbornly refuses to see how wrong their acts are,” said Bill Mitsis, co-webmaster of the site Gameland, where 19,000 people have petitioned to overturn the gaming ban.

The law’s broad scope initially outlawed all gaming — even at home. But an international outcry forced politicians to back down. They narrowed the ban to include only devices generating `any form of financial gain for players or third parties’ at the end of September.



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